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PA Systems Hiring & Set up

For all events, organisations and individuals can make use of our DJing/Spinning systems and equipment.

Mobile DJ & Entertainment

We handle all occasions and events: Professional DJ with extensive experience in live venues and events. 100,000+ music collection all at CD quality.

Hiring of Musical Instruments

Churches, musical groups, corporate organisations, schools and individuals can hire any musical instrument for their needs.

Sound Engineering Set up and Consulting

ASK-TK Ventures provides expert advisory services for all events, Clubs, Pubs, Churches, Shops, organisations and individuals.

Music Studio Set up and Activities

We are passionate about excellence and customer experience. Contact us now for a wonderful experience.

Event Management and Marketing

ASK-TK Ventures is an expert in providing services for both indoor and outdoor events, such as, Evangelism, Crusades, Church Services, Weddings (reception & engagement), Corporate Events (product launches, campaigns etc), Parties, Funerals, Club/Lounge/Pub/Gym setup and DJing, etc.

Our Engineers are well trained with the necessary skills and industry experience to set up the best audio and sound requirements for Live or Recorded Events.